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About Me

INsight facilitator * Bullshit Detective  * Personal CheerLeader * Truth investigator * intimacy enthusiast * Joy Finder

I've always been a sucker for personal growth.

Following my heart.

And pushing the edge.


I think it started back in junior high. I remember feeling a bit lonely and on the "outside of things" -- and stumbling upon some sprititual and personal growth books by mistake. As I started reading these books --- I remember a feeling of comfort and peace came over me. Oh....there's more to life then just THIS, I thought. THIS -- being the fast paced, LA culture that I grew up in. The idea that there was something MORE. Something deeper. Now THAT fueled me. 


My path of exploration led me down many windy, unique and colorful roads --  all of which have helped shape and grow me with their own unique curriculums! From my days as a hippie chick living out in the wilderness, to touring the country as a musician, to years and years of working with teenagers and giving them a safe place to voice their struggles..... to now :)


Today I'm a dating and relationship coach -- helping women and men who are struggling in the dating world and who are looking to have breakthroughs in their love lives. 


It feels like less of a job and more of a pure calling for me. There's nothing more rewarding to me then being able to help support people so that they can bring more love and joy into their lives! 


While my license as a Marriage & Family Therapist or experience as a dating coach and matchmaker at eHarmony might show you that I have the "qualifications" to be someone who could guide you through this process, the truth is, I believe that the greatest asset I have to offer my clients is my own personal experience navigating the dating/relationship world on my own. As I've lived it, breathed it, wrestled with it, and truly empathize with the challenges that come up around it. The good news is -- I came out on the other side with a positive perspective and some damn good wisdom and tools to help others! I've learned not only how to navigate the challenges in the dating world successfully but how to thrive in the process!


Because finding love doesn't have to be hard.


Love comes in easily when we do the work we need to do on ourselves.

It is my pleasure and honor to be able to support my clients in working through what's been blocking them and helping them bring abundant love into their lives.


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