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Become a Better Man........

                   Attract a Better Woman 

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  • Do you suffer from insecurity around women? Do you freeze up around the women you're most attracted to and find yourself feeling shy and uncomfortable around the women you're most interested in?


  • Do you keep attracting women who are unavailable, or who seem a bit "crazy", who you know --- deep down --- aren't really right for you?


  • Do women confuse the hell out of you?  Are you clueless as to what women really want and struggle with how to navigate their moods and understand their desires?


  • Do you keep ending up in the "friend zone" with the women you like --- and can't figure out how to shift things so you can become MORE than just a friend?


  • Are you getting crickets with online dating and can't figure out how to get a quality woman to respond to you or go out with you?


  • Are you a single dad? Newly divorced? Have you been out of the dating game for so long that you feel a bit nervous as to how to dive back in and navigate the current dating world? 


  • Are you tired of hanging out with your guy friends at night, killing time watching TV or being on the computer, when what you REALLY want is to spend your time with an incredible, vibrant woman?


  • Have you lost hope with dating and worry that you just don't have what it takes to attract the kind of incredible, high quality woman that you desire?


  • Do you struggle navigating the ups and downs in your relationship? Are you confused by your partner and her needs? Do you find it hard to communicate with your partner in a way that opens her up rather than shuts her down?


  • Do you wish you had a dating coach and therapist wrapped in one? A dating coach to help you move through your challenges meeting quality women and a therapist to help you figure out what's getting in your way and help you shift old patterns?



  • Step into a place of authentic, rooted confidence with women. Learn exactly what is blocking you from feeling confident with women and free yourself from shyness and insecurities that have been getting in your way.


  • Understand why you've been attracting the 'wrong' women and what needs to shift to start attracting quality women. 


  • Gain insight into the inner world of women and learn what women want the MOST and what they most deeply desire from men -- so that you no longer feel so confused by their behavior. 


  • Finally learn how to make online dating work FOR you, and not against you --- so that you get responses from the women you're most interested in. Create a profile that women will connect with and learn tips on how to navigate online dating in a way that actually makes the experience enjoyable! 


  • Shift out of the 'friend zone' with women and start being seen as the kind of man women actually want to be with, not just 'hang out' with and tell all their dating stories to!


  • No longer feel anxiety and dread when it comes to dating. Actually start enjoying the process! 


  • Learn how to communicate with women in a way that opens them up and has them feeling heard, understood and seen (three key things they need). No longer feel confused as to why the women in your life are withdrawing, upset, or shutting down.


  • Have your own personal therapist/dating coach/wing-woman to support you through this journey of self discovery and help you move through any dating and relationships challenges that come up. With support, compassion and a healthy dose of no-bullshit feedback, you will have the help you need to become the most grounded, self-confident, and fulfilled man you can be. (With the bonus benefit of now attracting in a new caliber of women!).



My name is Melanie Hersch.


I'm a licensed psychotherapist and a dating coach.



I help men break through what's been preventing them from having the relationships they want.

Exclusive Coaching For Men


There are a lot of great coaches out there that offer short-term solutions for men who just want to meet women. 

They're super skilled at teaching witty pick-up lines that grab a woman's attention.

Let me be clear, right off the bat --  that's not what I do. 


 I'm more interested in helping you genuinely become the man that those women want to talk to.


Because the truth is...once you "hook" a woman in with a line -- while you might have her attention for a short period of time --  it takes a confident, authentic, and deep man to really hold that woman's interest and attention.



Getting a great woman isn't about learning lines and techniques to manipulate her into going out with you.


It's about becoming the most solid, self-aware, and fulfilled man that you can be.


When you're coming from a place of genuine authenticity, confidence and wholeness -- that's when you naturally start attracting in high quality women.


Helping you become that deep, rooted, confident man is what I'm most passionate about.


Because I don't want you to just 'get' the girl. 

I want you to have a great relationship with her!



I work one-on-one with a select group of highly motivated men who are committed to diving in and doing the work necessary to become the best men they can be. 


Throughout the course of our work together:


-  We will explore what's getting in your way from attracting a great partner.


- We will work through any unresolved issues or beliefs that are consciously or unconsciously holding you back from having the love you want.


- We'll create practices that facilitate your growth and confidence.


- We'll move through the dating process together -- from creating an optimal online profile to helping you navigate the ups and downs of connecting with new women. 


- You'll gain a deep understanding of what women truly want and what they deeply desire, and you will be clear on how to show up in a way that opens women up and has them genuinely interested in you.


- We'll work together to help you develop the skills and confidence necessary to deal with any relationship issues that come up -- so that you can navigate challenges successfully on your own when I'm no longer there by your side.


Because each man is unique in terms of what he needs to focus on, I personalize each coaching package so that it addresses your main needs and areas of growth. I will be there with you throughout the whole process --- from addressing the inner work that needs to be examined, to helping you navigate the dating world, to being there to support you when you're needing relationship help.  

Working Together

In order to ensure I give my clients the highest quality of coaching possible --- I only work with a select group of highly motivated men at a time. Feel free to read my FAQ page -- to find out any additional information.


If you're struggling to find a high quality woman or you're having a hard time understanding the one you're with, and you could use support and coaching in any of these areas -- feel free to send me an email or schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation on the link below. Let's talk and see if working together is a fit for both of us.

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