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"This might seem dramatic and over-the-top, but it it 100% true: I owe my AMAZING partnership to Melanie.


I knew it was time to enter the dating world again, and yet I wanted to be way more intentional than I had been in the past. I was at the point where I wanted a conscious, committed, deeply profound partnership, and was unwilling to settle for less. The work I did with Melanie was PIVOTAL in stepping into that fully embodied, no-compromise, no-bullshit kind of space. She helped me get crystal clear on what I was saying yes to, and what I was saying no to. She kept me true to my vision, and roped me in when I started to stray. She pointed out the patterns that were interfering with my path, and helped me to look at them and unwind them.


Melanie is a rare combination of deep wisdom and soulful cheerleading. She is incredibly supportive, and yet she has no problem telling you like it is when you need it the most.With her guidance, hand-holding, and occasional bitch-slapping, I found my way to the man beyond my dreams. I am now in a committed, soul-expanding partnership that is deeply fulfilling on every level for me. Melanie is a rockstar… if you are serious about calling in the love you truly want, DIVE IN HEAD FIRST! Melanie ~ THANK YOU!!!


Julie Elizabeth Day

Spiritual Counselor

"It is hard to articulate how much Melanie's program has benefited me. When I started working with Melanie, I had just left a 5 year relationship. Talking to my friends and family just wasn't going to cut it for moving through that transition and getting to the next phase of my life (which I was impatient to get to). Melanie provided the space for me to grieve my loss, encouraged me to explore relationships in a whole new way, and helped me look at how I was communicating and how I was approaching "being authentic" and saying what was in my heart (there was a lot of pretending before!). She helped me identify my patterns and lovingly pointed out my blindspots. 

As a result of working with Melanie, I have a totally new way of relating to and communicating with all of my loved ones and I have a new way of approaching dating. We would joke that I wished I could wear an earpiece during dates and have Melanie whispering in my ear. She was by my side every step of the way as I dated new men, and I learned SO much about myself along the way.


During our last sessions I was gushing about a man who I was really excited about: Melanie had given me a homework assignment to go to an event, and it was there that I met the man of my dreams and the love of my life. We ended up traveling to Asia together after only 3 months of dating, and now we live together in our beautiful home. 


I am thrilled and so grateful that I found Melanie as a dating coach! She has truly been a blessing in my life. Not only did she lead me to meeting my amazing partner, but she also encouraged me to pursue my business and my desire to move to a nearby town. I could go on and on about how great she is.


If you are asking "Should I get a dating coach?" -- the answer is yes, and you should work with Melanie. She will help you see and break your patterns so that you see yourself and your relationships in a completely new light. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Melanie and I highly recommend her!" 


Carrie Jordan

Founder of 


“The work I did with Melanie was in every sense of the word, beautiful.


Before this process, the idea of self love was simply, that, an idea. Working with Melanie, I slowly felt how empowering self love actually is and how it can change your life radically. I have a pretty healthy dose of self confidence, but I realized a lot of it was fueled by outside validation, and not my own self worth.  


What Melanie did for me was a gift.  She helped me identify my triggers and beliefs…. dismantling those ideas with compassion and love rather than shame. I've always identified myself as a strong woman with a somewhat dominant personality. Working with Melanie has empowered me to a point of living a fearless life through love and compassion not only for others, but more importantly myself. I'm grounded to a point now where the journey of relationships doesn't add stress to my life, but simply excitement for what's to come.


My dating life also completely changed since I started working with Melanie.

I noticed the quality of men I was attracting was on a whole other caliber. My relationship with myself was the best part of this process though. I feel amazing, strong and empowered.


Melanie opened up my way of thinking in an amazing way that allowed me to become fearless in love and apply that perspective to my daily life. No lie, this was life changing!”


Melanie Santos

Owner of Munch Bakery

"When I first reached out to Melanie, I had been single for around 3 years. I was focused on getting my finances and business in order, and with that accomplished, it was time to put myself out there again. Even though I had been practicing spiritual and communication disciplines for a long time, I realized that I was also completely out of practice and had all sorts of limiting beliefs and fears coming up for me around intimate relationships. I didn't know what would matter to women and found tons of conflicting advice online that drove me crazy. I knew support could accelerate my progress.

I found Melanie to be an unbelievably grounded expert coach that always was able to clarify any confusions that I had. No matter what I was going through I felt confident that Melanie would help me see the bigger picture and turn it into something that could grow me. She always put the focus on me, not my partner, which made me trust that she really was about empowering me, not enabling my stories of limitation. She was able to present 'hard truths' in a lighter perspective that allowed me to access my own sense of humor and curiosity about things instead of getting in my head. 

She helped me clear up the blocks in me, which allowed me to realize what kind of person I really wanted to attract into my life -- and helped me raise my standards and believe that it is possible to attract that person! I now have little to no approach anxiety, feel completely relaxed about being myself fully, and have so much trust that I can have the relationship of my dreams. I've learned to enjoy the dating process and am every day becoming the kind of man that will be attractive to my soul mate. Thank you Melanie!"



“I quit my most recent round of couch therapy after a year to look for someone like Melanie, because years of ‘therapy’ only provided me with an incoherent assortment of insights and someone to vent to about current feelings. I wanted real change and very practical, honest feedback about what I needed to do more/better/less/differently in terms of finding and growing intimate relationships with women.


It’s hard to put into words, but I feel in a few short months - and only 6 sessions - my work with Melanie let me move past 40+ years of self-doubt, self-loathing and frustration (both with my relationship struggles and the trouble I had understanding why these issues persisted for me). It’s transformed the way I see and approach intimate relationships and dating, but it’s even more than that.

Melanie’s coaching approach worked for me because she provided several things therapy didn’t: structure (the written work and daily practices), real practical advice/feedback, specific goals and short (weeks not years) deadlines to complete our work on those goals; and personal engagement that I never experienced in therapy. While she definitely maintained clear and appropriate professional boundaries with me as a client...unlike any therapist I’ve been with, Melanie: texted and emailed to check up on me, like a good friend would; she extended our sessions a couple of times ‘on the fly’ because we were making great progress; and she wrote and said things that made it clear that she cared about me and was invested in my success and happiness.


Melanie is amazing at teaching and showing how to practice self-love and self-tenderness along with forgiveness of oneself and others. She gives great, practical coaching about interacting with women, creating sexual polarity, and leading with my strengths. Melanie is direct but tactful and kind. It was evident from the start she was genuinely engaged and cared about me and my journey.


My work with Melanie has truly changed my life and concept of self. I would recommend Melanie to anyone looking for help in dating & relationships, who is serious about changing themselves."

Richard P.

Financial Consulting/Activist

"When I first came across Melanie, I hesitated signing up because of the price. I had doubts that a coach could help me with the struggles I was facing. But I am so glad I took the risk and jumped in! 

I'm such a happier and more grateful person these days thanks to working with Melanie. I have tools that I've never had before. My thought process is different and my outlook on life is different, in ways that are so much better then before. I'm also a much happier person in general these days. My relationships with people have improved. My confidence is way better. I also now understand the concept of vulnerability -- which I see is one of the most important things when it comes to having an authentic relationship.

Melanie, you're a tremendous woman with an amazing, huge heart. I feel like you were always genuine with me and I always felt that you sincerely cared about me, that you were committed to helping me, and that you were completely in this with me. I loved our sessions; it was a bright spot in my week! Thank you sooooo much for everything! It was worth every dollar spent!" 


Chris Tylka

Real Estate Investor/ Investment Manager 


“When I started working with Melanie, it felt like she tossed me a life preserver! 

Before working with Melanie, my heart had been shattered and the only future I could imagine for myself was becoming more reclusive and living alone with my cats (I cliche!) :)

Working with Melanie, I was able to access the strength I needed within myself to let go of the past -- a past I had been drowning in for years. The anxiety that had been my constant companion began to fade. Melanie never wavered in her belief in me, or my ability to do the work, despite my own doubts at times. It hasn't always been easy, but I now have the tools I need to deal with any struggles that come up. And I have so much more compassion for myself along the way! 

In the beginning, I knew that money was going to be a stretch, but I also knew that my sanity and my future were worth it. I knew I had to trust, and Melanie made it known that I could completely trust her! With her guidance, I feel like I have done a complete 180 in my life! I feel like I know myself better than I ever have before, and it keeps getting better. And I'm finally dating happily for the first time in my life!" 

Ann P.


"When I'm in a hard place, unable to see my own life clearly, Melanie Hersch is my go to girl. She has the gift of being able to clarify issues and boil things down to what's really important, always illuminating the truth. When my marriage was failing and I was too far into denial to see it on my own, Melanie's was the voice of reason that gave me the courage to take the necessary steps toward letting go. If you're having trouble seeing yourself, your life, or your relationship patterns clearly, I highly recommend Melanie Hersch as a coach."


Cary Cooper

High School teacher/Songwriter


"To call Melanie a “dating guru” doesn’t do her justice. Melanie is more of a relationship specialist, understanding how to help you connect with women. Melanie genuinely understands how women think and why they do the things they do, how MEN THINK, and how to help you be your authentic, true self.  


Looking back on my life, I realized a pattern of choosing the wrong women to date, and even marry. After my eight-year marriage ended, I was lost. I was unsure about myself. Even more though, I was really insecure about my looks (balding), my income, etc. I felt empty and a little hopeless. Until I met Melanie.

She helped me: 1.) Discover some of my self-limiting beliefs. 2) Break down the female thought process, in a easy way to understand. 3) Feel more relaxed and at ease around all women, regardless of how beautiful they are.


Melanie is intelligent, calm, easy to talk to, a GREAT listener and even better at understanding your particular perspective. Melanie is honest but not judgmental, making her easy to open up to and trust.

Today, I’m dating incredible women who, before I met Melanie, I knew were definitely “out-of-my-league.” Thanks to Melanie, I understand so much better how women think."


Brian G.

Los Angeles, CA 

"Melanie is a miracle worker. Before I started working with her, I really struggled with untangling what was holding me back in my career, my relationships and ultimately, my happiness. She forced me to look inside MYSELF and sort out what I WANTED instead of looking to everyone (boys) and everything (career) else to make me happy. Thank god. 


The best thing about Melanie is her openness and compassion to meet you exactly where you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and guiding you towards the life you want to be living. She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear - she tells you what you need to hear."


Molly P. 


"Melanie helps me see my blind spots and move through places where I get stuck; and she does so in a way that makes it fun and approachableA trustful and kind cheerleader, Melanie offers a light-filled, attainable and fun approach to personal growth work. 


When I'm experiencing a crisis, Melanie holds a beautiful and sacred space for me. She's a skilled listener who provides thoughtful, compassionate and encouraging insights.


For anyone out there seeking to reconnect with & reclaim their authentic self,  I recommend working with Melanie. She'll help you reconnect with who you really are, and will give you the tools to thrive and create the relationships you've always wanted to have."


Cate Clayton

Boutique Owner

"I worked with Melanie as a dating coach six months ago. She is knowledgeable about relationship patterns and deeply insightful about the issues that come up while dating. She helped me know what I was looking for in a partner, and encouraged me that it was entirely possible. I loved how positive she was and how she listened to me with deep wisdom and experience. I am now in a relationship with the love of my life, and Melanie supported me in a way that made me more available for this experience."


Briggs W.

Life Coach/Artist

In my time spent with Melanie I experienced great strides in my view of women, as well as myself. Transitioning out of a childish worship of women into a mature and confident partnership with a woman. Departing from a place of neediness and stepping into the position of confident leader.


This continues to transform all of my relationships. This transition from a place of neediness into a place of genuine confidence is both exciting and liberating!


Thank you, Melanie!"


Brandon M.

Media Consultant

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