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Become a Better Man                          Attract a Better Woman 

* Do you suffer from insecurity around women?  Freeze up around the women you're most interested in and find your confidence out the door?


* Do you keep attracting women who are a bit "crazy" and who you know  --deep down --- aren't really right for you?


* Do women confuse the hell out of you?  Are you clueless as to how to navigate their moods and understand their desires?


* Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern of being unable to connect with the women you MOST want to connect with?


* Are you getting crickets with online dating and can't figure out how to get a great woman to respond to you or go out with you?


* Are you a single dad? Newly divorced and been out of the dating game for so long that you feel a bit nervous about how to dive back in and navigate the current dating world? 


* Are you tired of hanging out around your guy friends at night, killing time watching TV or being on the computer, when what you REALLY want is to spend your time with an incredible, vibrant woman?


* Have you lost hope with dating, and worry that you just don't have what it takes to attract the kinds of incredible, high quality women that you deeply desire?

Exclusive Coaching with Men


What I do and don't offer:


If you're looking for coaching on how to 'get' a woman -- and wanting great pick up lines and ways to 'catch' her -- then we're definitely not going to be a good fit to work  together. 


If however, you're looking to break through internal barriers that are holding you back from connecting with women -- and do the work that's necessary to really transform the issues that are getting in your way -- let's talk :)


As a psychotherapist and a dating coach, my passion is looking at the root of the problem -- and helping my clients figure out what's causing them to struggle with connecting with good women -- and helping you move through that --  versus the bandaid solutions of one liners to draw them in and temporarily hook them. Because the truth is....once you "hook them" with a line -- you might have their company for a brief time -- but it takes a confident and deep man to really hold that woman's interest and energy. Helping you become that deep, rooted, confident man is what I am most passionate about :) 


I work with a small select group of men who are committed to doing the internal, deep work it takes to really become the best men they can be. 


Because 'getting a great woman' isn't about learning lines and techniques to manipulate a woman into going out with you. It's about becoming the most solid, self-aware, and fulfilled man you can be -- so that you can attract that same type of woman. 


What I offer is a VIP coaching package with a small, select group of men who are committed to doing this deep internal work. Together we will explore what's getting in your way from attracting a great partner, work through any unresolved issues that are unconsciously blocking you and holding you back from having the love you want, and I will be there with you through the whole process from doing the inner work that needs to be addressed, to the dating process and all that comes up around that -- to helping coach you when you are finally deeply connecting with women and needing relationship help. 


If you're interested in exploring the potential to do some deep work together -- send me an email and let's set up a time to talk and see if working together feels like a good fit.





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(Testimonial from Jorge)

(Testimonial from Ryan Lennartson)


"Melanie cuts through the bullshit and lovingly shows you the ways that you are getting in your own way. She's warm and loving and is super fun to be around, and is the most kick ass cheerleader out there. She also won't put up with you skirtting along the sidelines and avoiding the truth. If there is something you need to work on -- Melanie will call you out on it. She's shown me areas of my life I need to focus on that I had long put off and avoided and pretended weren't 'issues' at all. Melanie has inspired me to be the best man I can be and I'm watching my life change before my eyes. I'm eternally grateful! Thank you, Melanie!  --- Jorge T. 





I work one on one with a select group of highly motivated men who are truly ready to make a commitment to diving in and doing the work necessary to become the best men they can be.


If you're struggling to find a high quality women that you love and could use support, encouragment, and mentoring around attracting an incredible partner  --- feel free to send me an email or schedule a consultation to talk with me. Let's see if working together is a fit for both of us :)

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