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Two Myths About Successful Relationships

Okay, it's time for a round of MYTHBUSTERS! I’ve got two for you today. MYTH #1: SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS LAST FOREVER Nope, not so much. ;-) For a relationship to be successful, it doesn’t mean you still have to be in it. Think about how many people are in long-ass marriages that lack love, respect and joy. They may last forever but I wouldn’t call that successful. On the contrary, sometimes people have wonderful relationships that are extremely valuable in their lives ... but for one reason or another, they're not the right fit for the long haul. ​​ ​​That doesn’t make those relationships unsuccessful. It simply means that those two people were there to serve each other for a certain period of time and not forever. "So what IS a successful relationship?" you might be wondering.

  • When you can walk away from a relationship and know that you’re a better person from having been in it >>>> THAT is success!

  • When you can walk away from a relationship having shared deep love and respect and you’re both super grateful for having been a part of each other's lives >>>> THAT is success!

  • When you can walk away from a relationship with a ton of clarity about what you want going forward and you've learned important things about yourself >>> THAT is success!

All of these things are GOLD. ​​A break up doesn't have to take away from the success of your relationship. It simply means that your time walking side by side and growing together is complete. MYTH #2: SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS HAVE NO ISSUES Oh … wouldn’t that be nice :) But let’s get real ... of course they do! Yes, everything can look picture perfect on social media and celeb couples (and even your bestie from college) can make everything look blissed out and heavenly. They’re traveling the world doing incredible things…. They’re living in Pinterest worthy homes…. They write Facebook posts declaring their love for each other. It's SO easy to assume that it's all smooth sailing in their worlds. But let me be clear, that does NOT mean that they don’t have issues. FACT: Relationships take work. Yes, they can be amazing ... and they’re also challenging AF. Relationships by nature are designed to bring up all our stuff. Have insecurities? Relationships will bring them out. Have fears? Relationships will pull them up. Suck at communicating? Relationships will highlight that and throw it in your face. Have habits or ways of being that don’t really serve you? Yep, you guessed it. Relationships will float that sh*t right to the top!

Relationships are the perfect breeding ground for our issues to come forward; AND they just so happen to be one of the most amazing vehicles for personal growth. ​​

And no one -- I repeat NO ONE, is exempt. ​​

The truth is we’re all messy, imperfect human beings doing our best -- so no matter what, your stuff will come up in your relationship.

Keep that in mind ...

When you see those 'perfect' looking couples -- know that they've put in a ton of work and have had their fair share of challenges.

And remember ... rainbows don't come without rain.

The same goes for relationships :)



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